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Top 10 Fashion Themed TV Shows Every Designer Must Watch

Top 10 Fashion Themed TV Shows Every Designer Must Watch

Most TV shows target to get maximum viewership, by showing success stories of leading fashion designers and fashion houses. TV shows about fashion designs have always captured and captivated audiences across ages and gender. Fashion and TV go hand in hand since the days when shows were cast in black and white.

These shows bring the latest trends and designs to the viewers which they can view from anywhere.

The Top 10 Fashion Shows that are organized across India.

Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week- Is a bi-annual fashion show which is organized in Mumbai. One is a summer event which takes place in February and the second is a winter fashion show which is organized in August. It is one of the most awaited events for the Fashion Industry in India. Since its first show which was held in August 1999, Lakme Fashion Week still enjoys the status of being the most glamorous Fashion Show.

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

Yet another bi-annual fashion event for showcasing summer and winter collections. This Fashion show is funded by the Wills Lifestyle and run by the Fashion Design Council of India. This fashion event sees 100 plus designers, both new and established, showcasing their collections. This event is more popular with budding designers.

India Bridal Fashion Week

This Fashion Week is known showcasing the most exquisite bridal couture by the top Indian Designers. The well-known names and the fashion trendsetters can be seen at this event which is held in Delhi or Mumbai. It is an excellent platform for both new and established fashion designers to impress potential clients.

Bengaluru Fashion Week

This bi-annual fashion week, is a prestigious event providing maximum exposure to South Indian designers and also helps them to strengthen their footing in the industry. Bengaluru Fashion Week organizes international fashion tours to showcase Indian craftsmanship.

Van Heusen India Men’s Week

This show exclusively showcases men’s fashion. This all-male fashion show invites the participation of leading fashion designers and is one of the most popular shows.

India Couture Week

This event is backed by FDCI and is a relatively new fashion show which presents India’s cultural diversity through its intricate embroideries, beautiful fabrics,and innovative designs.

North India Fashion Week

This fashion show is organized for showcasing the talents of designers from North India. The primary focus of this fashion show is for aspiring fashion designers and trendsetters.

Indore Fashion Week

Blender’s Pride sponsors this event. Indore fashion week showcases western wear and Bridal Couture.

Synergy 1 Delhi Couture Week

This show attracts the top names if the fashion industry due to which it has become the most awaited event.

Rajasthan Fashion Week

This fashion event is a perfect blend of royal and modern elements. This event showcases the designs of both native and industry giants, who believe in preserving the aesthetic value of Indian couture and tradition.

Top 10 Fashion Themed TV Shows Every Designer Must Watch And

15 Ideas that you can Steal from Fashion Themed TV Shows.


  1. Project Runway

Is an American Reality TV series based on fashion designs, where contestants compete to create the best designs within restricted time, material and designed around a theme? The finalists showcase a complete collection for the New York Fashion Week, at the end of which a winner is announced.

Ideas to Steal

  • Design the best from what is available so that the best is available to everyone at low prices. Make designer wear reachable to the ordinary person, not just the rich and famous.
  • Allow new designers into the market, who can bring with them fresh thoughts and ideas.
  1. What Not to Wear

This makeover reality series was nominated for BAFTA awards. In every episode of the series, friend or family nominate an unfashionable participant, who faces criticism and is given 2000-pound cheque for a whole new wardrobe. The participant also receives fashion tips and advice from the presenters depending on their body shape and size. These TV shows about fashion design help regular people dress look good and thus gain more confidence.

Ideas to Steal

  • Bring fashion to the street; not everyone has a perfect body. Clothes should be designed to make one look beautiful; it need not always be designed for one who is already beautiful.
  • Provide easy to follow tips and tricks to look and dress beautifully. Most Indians are not very tall or slim; designers should take up the challenge to make them look their best in their own
  • Both young and old will benefit from dressing tips from professional designers.
  1. RuPaul’s Drag Race

It is an American Reality competition, in which most of the contestants are transgenders or gay men.

Ideas to Steal

  • Fashion should not differentiate, it should be designed for every person who wants to look good.
  1. Fashion Police

Was first hosted by the beautiful Joan Rivers, when it first premiered on television in 2010. This show follows celebrities and discusses the do’s and the don’ts based on the latest fashion trends.

Ideas to Steal

  • Most of the celebrities are known to commit a faux pas, and the others commit it every day. Tips on fashion trends, fabrics, and colors of the season are well appreciated by all.
  1. Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style

This show focuses on reviewing a guest’s wardrobe and then using design software to illustrate how the guest will look by revamping the wardrobe.

Ideas to Steal

  • Most Indians have a particular way of dressing, and we never change our styles or wardrobes. Designers can modify and design wardrobes to fit the Indian taste by keeping it conservative and yet trendy and fashionable
  • Designs can also be customized as per individual tastes and preferences.
  1. The Rachel Zoe Project

This show follows Rachel Zoe, a celebrity stylist as she balances her work and profession.

Ideas to Steal

  • By showcasing any top designer, budding designers can be motivated to follow this profession and bring new insightsto the market
  • A platform can be created to provide an opportunity for budding designers to work with the best in the industry.
  1. Fashion Star

Features unknown designers, which gives them recognition by showing their collections.

Ideas to Steal

  • Create a platform for those unknown designers, who are lost in rural India and never even get a chance to grow as they don’t have the education to back them
  • A small recognition to the young girls from backward states by giving them an opportunity to work and learn from the best in the fashion Industry.
  1. 24 Hour Catwalk

Talented designers can create themed collections, which they can showcase at a          runway show.

Ideas to Steal

  • Young designers who are just out of fashion institutes can give an opportunity to show their creativity by following a specific
  1. Project Accessory

An accessory as much a part of dressing as cloths itself.  This show focuses on creating fashion accessories with restricted materials within thetime limit.

Ideas to Steal

  • Most Indians are not very good at accessorizing correctly with the clothes that they wear. Designers can provide fashion tips to go with the Indian wardrobe which is both beautiful and pocket-friendly.
  1. Make Me a Supermodel

This show features the top photographers, where they showcase their talents to make the models look their best through their lenses.

Ideas to Steal

  • Make the regular individuals look like models in the way they carry themselves in their daily lives.