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9 Awesome Indian Interior Design Ideas That You Will Love To Know

Traditional Indian interior design ideas

India has a much-enriched history. From the ancient times, India has been the center of curiosity for the whole world!

From the Mughals, the Rajput’s, and the British and so on, many people from different nationalities came to India in order to do business.

Thus, India has a very enriched and powerful tradition. This tradition is unique in the eyes of the world! Indian people are generally disciplined. They like to take care of the environment they live in. This is why the interior design of a house is significant for Indians.

Traditional Indian interior design ideas will surely give your home a stunning and eye-catching look.

This is why we bring you 9excellent Indian interior design ideas that you will love to experiment with on your house!


  1. Traditional Paintings:

The look of a room depends on many factors. It is not just furniture that makes a room beautiful. There are other factors too. For example, you can use traditional Indian paintings to give your house a different look.

Your room paintings will tell everyone what kind of a person you are! You can use a big portrait painting in the middle wall of your drawing room and apply dim lights over it.

Thus, your drawing room will get a soft look and any guests that are coming into your house will definitely like this look.

You can also use paintings in the hallway of your house.

If your house is big, then naturally, the hallway will also occupy a considerable amount of space. Then a collection of paintings in the hallway will definitely look nice.

You can use paintings in the foyer to describe any historical incident like a famous war or the lifetime of a famous personality.

There are different genres and kinds of paintings you can use. We see petroglyphs in the Bhimbetka rock shelters. You can use custom-made paintings which look like those.

You can use Mughal pairings as those have got a Persian flavor in them. You can even take help of some traditional painting school in Rajasthan or Kolkata.

  1. Unusual gossiping space:

We always think in a typical way. But if we want to give our house an out of the box look, we need to think out of the box.

Indian people love to gossip. So if you can arrange some unique gossiping spot in your house, wouldn’t that be stunning? For example, you can make a rocking cradle bed in the corner of the drawing room or the terrace of your house.

You can use traditional tools made with bamboos in the corners with a small coffee table with some designs to create a perfect gossiping spot. Rugs and floor cushions can also make people feel relaxed and at ease.


  1. Wooden rack with traditional products:

You can use shelves made of wood or bamboo in the drawing room. There, you can display different traditional things like sculptures, coins, musical instruments and so on.

Guests coming to your house can have a look at your collections in the racks and admire your passion.

In the vacant areas of your home like the hallways or the corners of big rooms, you can place these racks with your most precious collections.


  1. Handmade fabrics:

Currently, people use fabrics in their homes which are mainly made by machines.

They are just fabrics to us. There is no personal touch to it. But previously, people used to utilize traditional handmade fabrics for bed sheets, pillow sheets, and window screens.

People used to feel attached to these fabrics. You can bring an Indian look in your home by just choosing this one option. Moreover, some of the fabrics have story drawn in them.

Some of them have a village scenery; some have a scene related to traditional practices and so on. These fabrics are definitely durable and more comfortable than the ones made by modern machinery.


  1. The Use of Warm Colors in Indian Home Decor

The color combination of your rooms is vital for the overall look of your home. The color should be chosen according to the purpose of the room.

A drawing room is for welcoming guests in your home. The color of the walls of the drawing room should be warm and welcoming.

People go to visit other people’s home to feel relaxed and bond. This is why you should choose warm and inviting colors. One tip is not to use too dark colors.

You can use color combinations according to the Indian culture. The wall colors should match with sunshine.

  1. Ethnic Cushions

Your cushions and pillow covers are also very important for the traditional look. Cushions should be made of cotton for a comfortable environment.

In the cushions, the designs should be traditional design like Banarasi, Chanderi, or Batik which will definitely give your home an ultimate vintage look.


  1. Keep a traditional look for the furniture

Traditional Indian furniture is just a wonderful addition to your house. There is furniture made of rattan, bamboo, woods and so on.

Indian furniture has the ancient design which adds to the beauty of any space in a house. There are different kinds of designs in furniture like aflower, trees, Mughalantiquedesigns, etc.

  1. Trees:

Trees have been an un-detachable part of the Indian domestic life. If you have a big house, you can plant trees in the yard to make your house look natural.

If you do not have a big yard, you should definitely think differently. You should use pots to plant small trees in your rooms to make your room nicer and fresher.

Some people also plant flowers that crawl up the roof and make the whole environment look heavenly.


  1. Traditional touch in the false ceiling

Designing a ceiling is not a very rare thing to do. You can design your ceiling in Indian-style.

You can even create bamboo-made false ceiling or one made with wood. Wood ceilings are very powerful. They also have a decent traditional look to them.

You can even add custom designs on your ceiling to give your room a complete Indian look.


So these were some ingenious ways and ideas you can implement to brighten up and enliven any space in your home with an authentic Indian touch. Why not try some of these?