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Top 10 successful Bollywood fashion designers in 2017

Top 10 successful Bollywood fashion designers in 2017

Indian Bollywood fashion designers

The fashion industry of India includes the legendary pioneers as well as the emerging talents like Ritu Kumar and Nita Lulla. The India Bollywood fashion designers are enormously talented. They blend the respect for the ancient traditions with the new and latest aesthetics. The Bollywood designers are supposed to display novelty to a great extent as compared to the previous years. Without the following ten names, the Bollywood fashion industry would literally be incomplete.

  1. Manish Malhotra

He was born in London and raised in Mumbai. In the year 1990, Manish Malhotra got his very first swoop into the fashion industry as a model. Since then, he has been working very hard due to which he has become a very remarkable name in the Bollywood fashion industry. He has worked for around 1000 films, and he styled them in the best possible way. He also does his job of modernizing and redefining the costume designs of Bollywood in a splendid way. He has a contemporary style in which he mixes up the traditional colors of India along with the embroidery as well as the fabrics and helps in bringing the India culture to an international level.

  1. Rohit Bal

Rohit Bal was declared to be the master of the fabric and fantasy of India by the Time Magazine in the year 1996. He has a great sense of aesthetics. The handicrafts that he creates are never far than perfection. There is a punctilious attention to the art’s detail. Rohit Bal is supposed to have access toa remarkable industry in terms of both the artistry and the material things.

  1. Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar uses very fine traditional Indian fabrics and has hired the most talented people from the country who have a great sense of craft. In this way, she has sought the means to redefine the obsoleted Indian traditions and has given them a new and a refined look. She is a true pioneer in the fashion industry of India.

  1. Rina Dhaka

Rina Dhaka is one of the leading fashion designers of Bollywood. She burst up into the world of fashion in the decade of 1980s. She is the winner of the award “Yuv Rattan” and is counted in the top listed designers who are the most innovative and creative in the entire country.

  1. Payal Singhal

Payal Singhal’s father Dinesh Singhal and his grandfather J.P. Singhal, both have a link with the Bollywood industry due to which they evolved a creative soul in the form of this hardworking female designer. She got the award for the “Shoppers Stop Design.” She produces different types of costumes including contemporary designs, bridal costumes, occasional designs, etc.

  1. Manish Arora

Manish Arora started retailing his designed costumes in the year 1997 in India. After that in 2000, Manish Arora became the representative of India in the fashion week held in Hong Kong. He also participated in the first Fashion Week that held in India (New Delhi) for the first time. Manish also launched another label named “Fish Fry.” He showed his collection in the different cities of India. It was also stocked at the “Lord and Taylor” in NY.

  1. Masaba Gupta

Masaba Gupta graduated from SNDT Women’s University of Mumbai in the year 2009. There she studied the “Apparel Manufacture and Design,” and she launched “Masaba,” the self-titled label of Masaba Gupta. The signature style of this incredible Bollywood designer is a mixture of the traditional aesthetics of India and the most advanced and modernized flair that comes up with the lightweight handicrafts. Her fabrics full of vibrant prints and there is a perfect blend of colors. Shilpa Shetty, Bipasha Basu, and other such Bollywood stars loved to wear her designed costumes. She got the award for being the most Talented Designer of India in the year 2013.

  1. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

These two boys are awesomely doing their job. They have earned a lot of popularity, success, hype, attention, and fame in the field of designing. It is supposed to be a creative coalition that radiates both talents as well as attitude. In spite of the fact that they lag behind the other designers as far as the professional training is concerned, however, they always push to ethnic fashion to somewhere beyond the limits of perfection. They claim to make heirlooms rather than making garments.

  1. Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama

She is one of the most talented young Bollywood fashion designers. She launched her introductory collection in the year 2015 under her label “P.E.L.L.A.” in the Lakme’ Fashion Week. She graduated from the “Apparel and Fashion Design at Bangalore’s National Institute of Fashion Technology.” Her designs get rooted deeply in the Wabi-Sabi School of Japan always. Her designs promote the idea of the beauty in the imperfection of the designs. She has the main focus on the natural fabrics including silk, hand-made aesthetics, and fabrics, etc.

  1. Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani,a fantastic Bollywood fashion designer. He got his degree from the “Fashion Institute of Technology, NY.” When he returned to India, Tarun realized that there was a great scope of designing and costuming sector in India. So he worked more diligently and passionately and revolutionized the fashion industry in India. He opened his first boutique in his country India, named “Ensemble.”

India’s fashion industry has gained a lot of fame in the recent years, and it has become popular throughout the globe being a fashion-centered nation. In the past years, the fashion industry of India had not become this much modernized as it is now. The betterment of the fashion industry of India is because of the efforts of all the talented, creative and hardworking designers of the country. Their skills to blend the colors and designs perfectly are matchless. This is the reason that the fashion industry of India is still on the way to excellence.