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Tips On How To Use Accessories To Complete Your Look

Tips On How To Use Accessories To Complete Your Look

It’s truly said that “Accessories can really make or break your outfit”. Don’t you agree?

Accessories works like a finishing touch, it is like an add on which completes your look …and make it looks perfect.  It’s exactly like that cherry on the cake which you can’t afford to miss.

Today we are going to share some awesome tips and tricks on how to use accessories to complete your look ….. And I bet you can’t miss this one. So no more wasting time let’s just hop in.

Accessories which creates an add on:


Scarves are not for only winter anymore. It is for all seasons now. Scarves are an awesome add on to any outfits. It makes the outfit looks interesting. It helps to add an unexpected burst of color or add a texture to the outfits. There are various types of ways to carry scarf like – French knot, Knotted necklace. Double sided twist be it any, whichever comforts you just go for it …

  • SHOES :

Are you shoe-lover? Yes? … Well give a high-five then. Shoe is one of my favorite accessories any day.

Shoes give a finishing touch to your look. Whether it’s a pair of flat, Classic heels, Sandals or a chic boots choosing it with a right combination dress will make it look wow.

Some tips you try out like:

  • Wear Simple Black heels or Flats when wearing dress with a bright or bold patterns
  • Consider Neutral or nude heals or you may go with flats with bright color or sparkling tops
  • Can also try some funky patterns, if it’s a neutral jeans or tops.
  • BELTS :

Belts are the new talk of the town. Belts are statement pieces these days. Adding a belt in an outfit adds a little excitement on your fashion. It can be wore with a T-shirt, Cardigan,and Flowydress. Its adds a drama in the outfit and emphasize the curves.



Whether it’s earning, necklace, bracelets or rings you can use any but use it smartly…

  • Long Necklaces are in fashion now. You can wear it with almost any outfit. And the funny part is long necklaces can make you look leaner .But, but beware Rey to go with one piece of such necklaces. Too much can makes you look trashy.
  • Long earning is also trending these days be it with casual wear or any Indian outfit. Such earing always adds drama on the outfit and make you look perfect

Its true accessories plays a vital role on your fashion. It’s true, it adds a spark on our outfit…But there are certain things about the accessories which we should follow to look perfect

Tips to be followed:

  • No Color matching game:

Many people tend to match their accessories color with the color of their dress…for example shoes color. But it’s a big No. Matching the color is not necessary. Imagine wearing a red dress with a red hat and a red shoe [Fashion police alert]. .well not a good idea isn’t it? So no matching game

  • Don’t overdo :

Don’t overdo with your accessories. Too much will make it look bad. If you like accessorize with jewelry play it smart.  If you are layering in one area try to avoid the other

  • Keep a Balance :

Basic outfit bold accessories that kind of accessories will be best balance combination you can follow. Be trendy be classy.

Well, these are of the tips and tricks on how to use accessories to get a complete look.

Fashion is a big name and a huge industry . If you are aspiring for a career in Fashion Design then do check out the best fashion & Interior designing institutes in Kolkata.

Time to say goodbye. We will be back soon with some cool discussions till then stay tuned.