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Men’s Style: The Essential Winter Style Rules

Men's Style: The Essential Winter Style Rules

So, winter is here. And we can already feel the December chills. It’s time for a fashion reset, a new setup for your fashion closet.

Men’s winter fashion has always been a tough deal to choose. What to wear? And what not to wear is a big question indeed. Hence, we come up with some cool tips and tricks for the men’s winter style and what to choose for this winter. So, without wasting any time let’s just dive in.

Winter fashion is always about more the usage of accessories. Hence first in our list is :
Beanie cap:

Beanie is one of the trendiest and coolest winter wear or winter accessory in Men’s fashion world. The best thing about beanie cap is, you can pair it up with Casual, semi-formal and as well as formal. Though beanie looks the best with the casual wear be it full sleeve t-shirt, overcoats, Bomber jacket or leather jackets.

It keeps your head warm, save you in your bad hair days and indeed a super classy stuff to put on this fashion.  In terms of color, make sure you choose it smartly. Light colored beanie looks great with light colored top and but it’s not the same in case of dark color.



Next is Scarf.

Another smart choice for men’s winter wear to look classy and stylish. Drape it around your neck or apply different kinds of knots it’s totally up to you. Scarfs, breaks the monotony and add texture on your look. You can wear scarf with casual as well as formals. It definitely defines your personality.

Just a suggestion on color part, choose the color wisely. Don’t choose the same color for your scarf as for your upper wear. It looks odd and definitely a big no.


Jackets, coats or knitwear:

Winter fashion means “Stay cozy and Stay in Style “. After accessories comes the main clothing part. There are ample varieties available in men’s winter wear in today’s time. Be it cool trendy bomber jackets or classy pea coats or ribbed printed knit wears.

Pea coats, they are made from heavy, navy wool and have larger buttons and have vertical or diagonal pockets. This is a damn versatile winter wear. You can wear it up with corporate wear and can also pair it up with casuals. Keep your bottom button undone and that will add a cool look on the attire.

Leather and denim jackets, be it since 50’s trending badass look “leather jacket” or most happy go lucky look “denim jackets” . These are one of the most popular, cozy and comforting winter wears any day. Paired them up with jeans and brown shoes or winter boots.

Well, for leather jackets, suggestion is go for neutral color, this will help you to pair it up with anything. It is not for wearing over bulk layer hence keep it simple. And before buying this keep it in mind, it should not be too much tightly fitted and your arms should be able to move freely. And for denim jackets suggestion is, go for darker hue bottom wear this will balance it up with denim jacket and make it look cool.

Knit Wear, adds layers to the attire. There are many types and forms of knit wears like Printed knit wears, military knit wears or roll neck knit wears these are in the top trending fashion list. Grab one for you this winter.  Knit wears adds classy, comfortable and yet stylish look in your fashion statements.

Now, talking about the boots…



The finishing touch for fashion is the boot. Now, in winter you can play and explore most with the shoe wears. Just keep one thing in mind that never ever match the color of your shoe with your jackets or knit wears.

There are numerous choices when it comes to winter shoe wears. If it is a formal event, or wedding or office purpose go for black or brown shoes lace-up or you can also go for slip-on styles as per your comfort zone. And for casual wears sneakers, military boots, or any running shoes will look damn cool with casual.

And that is it, here’s some of the cool tips and tricks for winter men’s fashion wardrobe. We hope you like it. Do share your favorite winter wear with us. Fashion has no limits. It varies from person to person. Hence don’t limit yourself. Explore and learn. If you want to learn fashion designing, do try out GFI’s fashion designing course.

That is it for today. We will be back soon with something crazy. Till then stay tuned!