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How to Match Ties to Suits and Shirts

How to Match Ties to Suits and Shirts

Accessories are like an add-on to any fashion whether it’s a men fashion or women. In one hand women have list of accessories whereas in men’s fashion accessories a bit limited. But even though one accessory that can never grow old and considered to be one of the richest is the Tie.Shirt, suit and tie a classic combo for men which can easily make any girl drool.

But what goes wrong is a selection of a perfect tie. Which color to choose, which pattern. How to match ties to suit and shirts that’s a big question.

So here we are, back with a new article. Today we will share few tips and tricks on how to match Ties to suits and shirts. Let’s get started:

  • Size Matters :

Yes, Size do matters. Too loose or too tight won’t work. The proportion of the size should be perfect. While picking up your tie, make sure your tie touch the top of your belt buckle and the measurement should closely match the width of your lapel. And be sure it fits well around your neck.


  • Color games :

There are ample numbers of color to choose from. Now, which color tone to choose and how to match it with suits and shirts is something you need to focus on.

Some tricks which you can follow in case of choosing perfect color are:-

  • Tie is consider as the focal point of your dress. So decide the color accordingly if you have a dark complexion, go with a bright tie; if you’re fair, and choose a darker tie. If your hair and skin tone contrast, wear a tie that contrasts with your skin tone.
  • If you want to play it easy choose a solid color for your tie. You can also try a little darker shade for you tie (maybe a darker version of the color of your shirt) this will give an amazing color tone and classy look.
  • Black can never go wrong. Starting from funeral to office meetings wearing a black tie won’t be a problem.
  • Never choose tie color exactly matching with your shirt. This kind of combination ruin the dressing pattern.
  • College goers, or attending informal parties you can try warmer color tie.
  • Patterns :

Like colors you will also get numbers of patters option for your ties. Choose smartly. Choose your tie according to you suit and shirt color. If your shirt is muted you can try out flashier pattern and if your shirt is brighter one go darker shade.

  • Checks
  • Stripes
  • Polka dots
  • Dots
  • Waved
  • Woven

Patterns are many. What to choose is your style!

These are few men fashion tips and tricks. We hope these helps you to understand on how to match ties to suits and shirts.

That’s it from our side today guys. Hope you like it. We will be back soon till then stay tuned !