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We here at GFI – Glaamour School of Fashion & Interiors, take pride in providing a holistic approach for an all round student development which will in turn will lead you to become highly successful in your individual fields.

The statistics that unfold before you reveal that the Fashion and Interior Design industries are fast evolving to be one of the fastest growing in the world and the source for highly sought after careers.

However, in order to explore and tap the immense potential, it is essential to produce highly creative and skilled professionals to stand out in this arena. With the needed commitment and consistent learning on your part, these courses will definitely lead to rewarding careers in the field of Fashion and Interior Design.

Wishing you success in this field.

Sheena Singh
Centre Director

Our Mission

To provide excellence in education, customer satisfaction, provide industry ready professionals and all around holistic development.

Our Vision

GFI institute is committed to its vision that “Innovation is a continuous process.” We believe in educating students with the required skills to meet the changing needs of the fashion and interior industry.

Our aim is to provide quality education that is industry oriented so as to give our students a cutting edge in ability and creativity in order to stand out and make a mark in the fashion and interior industry.

Quality Policy

We are committed to train students and nurture their creative, strategic and functional skills for fashion and interior industry. We are continuously innovating in order to provide a holistic approach for an all round student development which will in tern will lead students to become highly successful in their individual fields.