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Know how much an interior designer earns in India


We all know what a lavish job interior designing is but just like any other extravagant jobs out there, did we ever wonder what the pay of interior designers is? No! That’s because it never crossed our minds.

So let me educate you briefly about their salaries!

Pay by Experience Level for Interior Designer

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Experience somehow mingles with a salary in this field or any other field for that matter. The more the experience, the more money you make!

It’s as simple as that! Designers usually don’t have more than 10 years of experience.

Designers with an experience of 5 years can expect to earn a compensation of around 2, 49,000 INR.

Designers with an experience of 5-10 years can expect to earn a compensation of approximately 4, 22,000 INR.

With an experience of 10-20 years, a designer can expect to earn a compensation of about 6, 08,000 INR and if a designer is at the expert level (which means they have an experience of 20+ years), then they can expect to earn around 8, 00,000 INR.

These are just average salaries that an interior designer can expect.

Pay by location is also another influence on the salary. If you work in a city like Mumbai, there are chances for you to earn a higher amount but if you work in a city like Ahmedabad, chances are you won’t earn as much.

A statistic chart proves that –

  • Interior designers working in Mumbai have 51% pay,i.e.,4, 53,284 INR.
  • Followed by Delhi that has 19%,i.e., 3,57,865 INR
  • Bangalore with 18% i.e. 3,53,497 INR
  • Thane with 5% i.e. 3,15,000 INR
  • Ahmedabad with 2% i.e. 3,05,209 INR
  • Kolkata with -51% i.e. 1,46,501 INR

Interior designer pay difference by cities in india

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As you can see, Mumbai has the highest rate of pay in this field.

The national average salary of an interior designer is 3, 86, 914 INR.

Also, Kolkata has an average salary of approximately 1, 46,501 INR for an interior designer per year.

If you are someone who has just graduated and is looking into this field, we will give you an idea of how much salary you can earn.

For a fresher, the salary would range somewhere between 5,000 – 10,000 INR maximum. If you are assisting and have enough experience under your belt and the quality of your work is decent, you would take home around 30,000 – 40,000 INR every month.

These aren’t precise numbers but an idea of how much one can get paid and at what level.

Certification helps you earn a little more than your original salary. If designers have the AutoCAD and CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate) certificate, the salary is likely to be higher than those without this experience.

A designer with the AutoCAD 2000 level II certification is likely to start earning anywhere between 92,194 – 4,76,674 INR.

Designers with the CCDA certification are likely to start earning between 61,227 – 1,17,042 which is a little less than the salary you would earn with AutoCAD 2000 level II certification.

median wage of an Interior designer in India


Above is the median wage of an Interior designer in India as per naukrihub.com.

Nevertheless, after everything is said and done, it is indisputable that interior designing is a job for passionate and talented people and not everybody is skilled enough to thrive in this area.

Please note that all these figures and average salaries are all approximate numbers but they certainly give a fair idea of the earnings of interior designers in Kolkata and other Indian states.