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Fall & Winter Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

Fall & Winter Fashion Trends for Women Over 40

It’s winter time. The December chills you can already feel and it’s time to pack up all the summer clothes and reset the wardrobe with the winter fashion. Though there are ample collections and option for women winter fashion but it gets a little tougher for women over 40’s on choosing the right kind of winter fashion, because you cannot look childish and you should look classy and go for something which can enhance your personality.

So, all the women out there crossing 40’s no worries, this blog is for you. Here we bring up some cool ideas of fall and winter fashion trend for women over 40’s.

So, let’s begin:

  1. Poncho:

Poncho, is the most stylist winter wear for women these days. Back in 90’s it used to famous, but then it got sidelined. But now, it’s back in the game yet again and this time it’s not going anywhere.

Poncho sweater is damn cool for every age whether you are a sweet sixteen or rocking in 40’s…If you are somebody who believes in sticking to the basic fashion well then, poncho is for you. Fringe poncho sweeter with skinny jeans and boot is a damn classy. But saying that poncho can go with anything be it Indian wear or western or casuals it’s totally your call. It is cozy, comfortable yet stylish winter fashion wear for every women


  1. Boyfriend Blazers :

The time for tight fit blazers are gone. Loose or boyfriend blazers are trending this days. It’s comfortable and fashionable. Go for darker color, and pair it up with light color shirt, skinny jeans and boots. Perfect!  It simply does justice for both formal and informal looks. Whether you are going for a presentation or just a casual meet up, this winter look is bang on for sure.


  1. Woolen Shrugs :

Woolen Shrugs has always been in trend and this is the one winter fashion which every women crave for. Shrugs can be worn with Indian and as well as casuals be it jeans and top or Kurtis and leggings and that is the coolest part of shrugs.

Winter woolen shrug is basically a combination of fashion and comfort. Color can be any, it looks gorgeous and stylish in whichever way you wear it.

  1. Oversized cardigan /Sweater :

Oversized sweater, is one of our favorite in the list.  It’s comfortable, it’s cozy and it’s fashionable. It doesn’t matter with age and the size, you are fat or thin these sweaters will look damn cool on you and that’s a promise.

Just keep in mind one thing, you have to maintain certain proportions if are going with sweaters or cardigans of this sort. For example, with boyfriend sweater (since it is oversize) pair up with skinny jeans and ankle boot or also you can go with sneakers.


  1. Scarfs and woolen cap :

Winter is the best time to play and explore with accessories. And talking about accessories in winter how can we forget about Scarfs and woolen Cap. And for women over 40’s this definitely is a perfect add on for your wardrobe.

Scarfs breaks the monotony of the attire and it is also good in keeping you warm. Put a knot or just a drape around the neck and it looks perfect. You can pair it up with anything sweater, cardigans or jackets just keep in mind one thing don’t mix-up the color .That’s it

and Woolen cap is also a great accessory to add on. Firstly it will save you in your bad hair days and secondly it will keep you warm and also gives you the perfect winter look.


Well, these are some of the winter outfit ideas for women over 40’s. We hope you liked it. Do try them out this winter. And let us know your favorite style. Fashion does not depend on your age. It’s all about how you carry yourself and how smartly you choose your outfit.

Well, will be back soon. Till then stay tuned.