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5 Fashion & Dress Designing Differences You Never Knew About!

difference between fashion designing and dress designing

Laymen, nowadays, use fashion and clothes designing as a substitute for each other which is wrong on so many pedestals. Though they may sound familiar, however, there is a reasonable amount of difference between the two industries which only a professional might understand.

This article will aid the uninformed to get the hang of the dissimilarities between fashion and dress designing.


The difference between fashion designing and dress designing is extrapolated below:

  1. Clothes designing is also known as dress or apparel designing. The designer uses his/her professional flair in making clothes and designs of dresses. Therefore, their specialization or work life revolves around clothes, which is the spine of the industry. On the other hand, the main turf of fashion designers is to comprehend the fashion trends and style prevalent in the society. Also, the attainment of a visually appealing dress is the primary focus of designers by mastering the minute details present in the process.


  1. If fashion designing is a river, then clothes designing is just a tributary. That is to say, a specialization in fashion designing gives you a thorough knowledge of the different fields of sketching, designing, quality, color patterns, selection of the right fabric and trading. Conversely, a study of dress designing mainly swings around the designing of apparels suited for different categories of people right from children and teenagers to apparels for men and women. To conclude, fashion designing is general in nature, while dress designing is specific in nature.


  1. Fashion designers are largely self-employed and have different job profiles from CEO to managers to workers etc. He/she has the job of thinking new designs every other season as the industry is dynamic in nature. One can even relish a celebrity status if he/she goes on to become the top of the game. They also organize fashion shows to illuminate their design language and later sell it to the distributors. It also demands a steep price in the market because of its status.Dress designers are small fish in the river as they are not self-employed and usually work under a creative director and fashion executive. They do not enjoy the glamour of the fashion industry but ensure a stable career in the long run.


  1. Fashion designing demands an active and passionate person as a designer as this industry is unpredictable and changes within a blink of an eye. Therefore, designers also need to cope with the changing trends and styles in the society. On the other hand, the designs of clothes designers do not go out of fashion too soon as their focus is on making everyday clothes for men, women, and It includes swimwear, school dresses, casual clothes, and night suits. Therefore, it is not as dynamic as the fashion industry, and hence, the clothes are economical in comparison.


  1. The clients of fashion designers include prominent celebrities such as actors and cricketers who wear designer clothes just once in an event or an award party whereas clothes designers’ target audience consists of the general public.

These were some fundamental differences between dress designing and fashion designing. Learned something new today? Why not share it?