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Business Attire for Women – Wear to Work Apparel

Business Attire for Women - Wear to Work Apparel

Wardrobe crisis is always a girl problem which we girls cannot help. But this issue become even bigger when the choice is to make for formal wear or office attire. I am sure most of you face this problem what to wear? And what not to? Before going to your 9-5 job.

So, after doing lots of research and analysis we come up with some trendy office wear suggestions. And we bet it’s really amazing… so let’s just hop in.

  • Long Kurtis with Leggings :

We are sure everybody is aware of this. For Indians this particular combination is one of the common wear we can see. But what makes it standout is its numerous designs and collections and its comfort. Wear a regular fit, minimal printed or plain Kurtis in neutral colors and pastels along with full length leggings a perfect Indian ethnic formal undoubtedly.

Only suggestion is try to go minimal or prefer light colors. Monochromatic can also be a great idea for formal wears.

Adding one sided dupatta can be an awesome finishing touch any day.

  • Cotton Saree :

Next on our list is, Cotton Sarees.

You cannot go wrong or look out of place with a cotton saree. Every cotton saree is a perfect choice for a formal wear. The best part about cotton sarees is that they are not only comfortable or stylish but it also make a fashion statement any day.

Shirt blouse, High neck or round collared blouse can be a great combination with cotton sarees.

So, way to go ….try this out and create your style statement.


  • Long Kurtis With Cigarette Pant :

Cigarette Pants are one of the hottest trend this days. They are slim fitted pant with a snug fit through the legs,ending in a small leg opening usually an inch above the ankle.

Wearing a long Kurti with the cigarette pant is an amazing classy formal office attire.

Unique yet fashionable, Format elegance and casual comfort is a perfect mixture.

Isn’t it?


  • Short Kurta with jeans :

Office weekend wear should be a little out of the box.  Isn’t it?  Go for Short kurta with jeans for weekends. A perfect match for the weekend mood.

Short kurta with jeans do make a cool formal attire.

Not totally western nor totally Indian… it is rather a mix match. But as it makes an awesome combo. Hence a big thumps up.


  • Formal shirt with formal pant :

Now, we are damn sure when you hear the word “formal “this is the first combination comes to your mind.

A formal shirt with a formal pant is the basic and widely accepted attire of all times. It is comfortable yet professional at the same time.

Keep the shirt plain, and light colored. Tuck it in or leave it as it is perfectly your call. Pair them with Black or Beige colored Stilettos formal pants. These will add on a sophisticate and classy look and become a perfect formal fashion trend.

Choosing a work wear for women is indeed a tough job. But little smart thinking and mix matching your wardrobe can be a perfect solution. So all the woman out there. Feel free to experiment something new and make your style statement.

That’s it from our side today. We will be back soon .Till then stay tuned.