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Hello peoples ……
So today I have come up with something awesome ……..So if you are shifting your house , planning to re-setup your interior design well then you are in a right place …… yes

Today I am gonna share 6 cool tips and tricks for a great interior decoration for your house …… so let’s start … 

1) Mirror ,Mirror in the wall :
Well first on my list is placing a mirror in your room. This will make your room brighter .Add a mirror wall adjacent to or across from a window in the room. This will reflect the light and make your room look brighter. Well if some number to be mentioned it says always place mirror 57 inch high. Try it. It’s amazing.

2) Add some black :
A touch of black is a must in the décor. Black make things looks classy and adding a touch of black will break the monotonous look of your room.

3) Bookshelf Principle :
If you have one in your room then using it smartly will be a perfect add on for your room décor. Firstly do not arrange random accessories in yourself. Arrange your books in a perfect manner. Try to keep 60% books vertical and 40% horizontal. This will give an organized and a decent classy look to you décor.

[Some use laminated artwork on their shelf to break the monotonous feel of the book self …. Well you can also try that out]

4) Room Accessories:
Now some rapid Room accessories tips…. 
 Always keep or set your Television at an eye level.
 If any grandiose crystal chandelier in your house always keep 60-66 inch above the floor.
 And a big No to unnecessary stuff …. A big no. less stuff your
room will look good and big.

5) Focal Point :
Always keep one focal point in your room ….. Always. More focal point will distract your view …… so avoid more than one focal point.

6) Carpet :
And lastly the carpet ….. A carpet in your will give the finishing touch of your décor. It will create the warmness in your room. Well the suggestion is try not to cover up the entire length of the space with a carpet.

Well, so those are the cool 6 Tricks and tips for your room décor. I hope you liked it. And as I always say your design defines your choice.

And all the people out there if you want know more about interior designing ….. Then try your hand on interior designing courses….
Try it ….
And for some more cool discussions …. Stay tuned ….