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How to Become A Fashion Designer – A Beginner’s Guide

How to Become A Fashion Designer -  A Beginner's Guide

In today’s world of increasingly glamorous and high-end living, becoming a fashion designer is one of the most popular career trends. But how does one become one? How do you learn fashion designing?

Where to Begin?

Most reputed fashion designers got trained under a fashion design course. Those pursuing this career either attend a specialized fashion designing institute to exclusively study fashion design or choose certainfashion design courses available in regular colleges or university. Degrees forfashion designing come atthelevels of associate, graduate and the master’s degree.
Before you enroll in a fashion design course, certain basic details of the field are often essential for you to know. Fashion designing institutes certainly expect their candidates to have prior basic skills, suchas cutting, sewing, simple designing and so on before applying. Whileapplying for a fashion course,you might be asked to submit your existing portfolio and/or take sewing or design tests. That is why it is essential to start learning these basic skills, way ahead of joining a proper fashion program. These foundational skills can be learned at home or some local small-scale stitching and sewing school.

How Long Are These Courses?

A bachelor’s degree infashion designing takes about four years, while a master’sdegree FURTHER two more years. Associate degrees and shorter intensive courses take lesser time and vary in their duration. Although, it is easier for a proper graduate degree holder to get a job than one with short-term associate degrees.

What After the Degree?

If you’re aspiring to become an independent and well-known fashion designer, it must be mentioned at this point that you need to be ready to give yourself quite a few years even after successfully completing a graduate or Master’s degree. The path of fashion design for beginners isn’t easy and fast climbing. Although most graduates and postgraduates do find employment in the fashion industry or related fields after finishing fashion school, you must be ready to be patient with your career graph as it can take several years for a new fashion designer to gain recognition and success in the said industry.
After you pass a fashion designing course, details of your portfolio, internship and projects serve as your very base upon which you start building industry contacts and credibility. Aftercompleting school, you need to start building PR through your internship contacts, approaching other senior designers for assistingthem, or promoting your own portfolio through private shows, stage shows and endorsement by a senior patron. Having your individual style and niche, insteadof following or copying another established designer is another surest way to industry acceptance and long-term success. Every successful fashion designer has their unique niche and signature style.
Though this field may not be the smoothest to Chart your way up to the top, yet the fashion industry is literally inexhaustible and forever expanding. So, with adequate grit, flare and patient and consistent performance, you can always make a mark for yourself.