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90’s fashion: The Trend That We All Rocked

90’s fashion: The Trend That We All Rocked

90’s, the era ……….. Well actually 90’s is one of the best decade isn’t it?

No Social Media Hazard. No Likes game matters ……No status updates, no notifications.
Life used to be simple yet so much peaceful and fun …..
Well tie-up your sit-belts cause I am going to take you to a roller-coaster ride back to 90’s to the 90’s
fashion world 
So today I have come up with top 7 Fashion trends of 90’s which we all rocked. So let’s start:

1) Overalls/ Dungarees :
Well , If you are a 90’s kid and a Bollywood fan … then you can’t forget Anjali (kajol) with short
hair , red dungaree dancing in the bit of “koi mil Gaye” in “Kuch Kuch hota hai” .. Remember?
Cool, casual and stylish all in one. Well Manish Malhotra hit the right chord of the audience.
Audiences loved that dress in 90’s … after that movie dungaree became a big hit. There were
so many options for it – One shoulder, two shoulder or clipped but off the shoulder any how
you wear it’s a cool style statement back in 90’s.

2) Platform shoes :
Well next in my list is Platform shoes …..
Vivienne Westwood, the UK Fashion Designer, re-introduced the high-heeled platform shoes.
Back in 90’s it was a big fashion trend. Since it was easy and comfortable ….. So it became quite
popular among the audiences. From fashion shows to gym, platform shoes became a go-to fashion.
And why not? It’s so stylish and comfortable that you can’t deny it.

3) Choker:
Well that’s right …. Though it’s trending nowadays but the fashion of chocker started back in 70’s.
Zeenat Aman dancing on “chura lia hai tumne jo dil ko” wearing chocker. You didn’t notice that right?
Lol. Well though it started in 70’s but it again come back on 90’s, starting from Spice girls to Madhuri
Dixit to Kajol in Bazzigar, Choker was on trend in 90’s…

4) Cold Shoulder :
Back in 90’s films like “Raja Hindustani”, karishma Kapoor Wearing Cold shoulder create a
trend among the generation. Stylish yet decent is what attracts the audience back then.
Though cold shoulder is again back in fashion since last year onwards. But again it was a 90’s
creation. 

5) Slap-Bracelets :
This one is one of my favorite. ….lol … Remember this? Well those who don’t remember for
them …- slap –bracelets is that accessories which once you slap it on your wrist it will became
a bracelet. Back then in 90’s it was quite a popular thing among the school kid’s and the
teenagers. And it became a fashion trend in 90’s. Well available in different color and
different print it was indeed an awesome creation of 90’s.
Though it was banned after sometime cause it turned out to be a harmful gadget. So it was
totally a 90’s thing now we don’t get it …lol

6) Polka-Dots :
This is that one print which was a big hit in 90’s. Top, Kurtis, skirts, sarees anything polka dots
was so much a 90’s fashion. You close your eyes and heard 90’s…. polka dots is the first thing
come to your mind. Haina? ……. In Short polka dot defines the decade. 

7) Hats :
Now last but not the least all kinds of hats were the fashion statement for 90’s. From Fedoras
to beanies, Newsboys cap, cowboys hat to bucket hat. All were a trending fashion in 90’s. And
it was awesome …. No bad hair day can spoil your plan since hat is in the rescue.
Hats used to be like the cherry on the cake in 90’s. Cute look, hot look Hats used to ace in all
looks …….

So that’s it from my side guys….. hope you enjoyed it …….there are more to fashion and more
to discover if you want learn go ahead and learn fashion designing course…….there are many
fashion designing institute in Kolkata ………
Will come back with some more exciting discussions……till then stay tuned.