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6 Ways To Tie A Scarf For Men

6 Ways To Tie A Scarf For Men

The best time of the year is here…Its Winter Time!!!

Well, winter gives us this opportunity to use different type of accessories and make it a style statement, especially for men’s. And one of the best cold weather accessory for men must be “Scarf”. Scarf is considered to be one of the most fantastic and stylish cold weather accessory. It is indeed a classic men’s wear piece. But the problem lies in most people don’t know exactly how to tie a scarf. If you Google it, you will get more than 50 – 70 ways of tying a scarf. Now, which one to use, which to ignore is something most people struggle over.

So today, in this article we are going to share 6 ways to tie a scarf for men. Well, so let’s just hop in the discussion and get started:



“Drape Knot” is by far the easiest way to wear a scarf. Just take a scarf and allow it to drape over and that is it, job done. Always try to take 70-75 inches scarf that will give you a balance look. Try to choose solid color scarf in case of “drape knot”. Wear it with suit, sport coat or blazer. Drape knot is a great way to add color to the outfit. It looks simple yet classy.



“Jet-setter” is the most casual style for a scarf. It does not have any kind of knot .This style maximizes the motion impact of the scarf. All you have to do is to just put a light drape around your neck that leaves one end shorter than the other and then throw the longer end across your front neck to the opposite shoulder.

Jet-setter scarf is effortless and unique. And add texture to the whole attire.



This scarf is known as “European Loop Knot”, it is one of the most versatile and stylish scarf for sure. Create a loop in one end and tuck the end through the loop.

According to Thread stylist Luke McDonald, “This knot looks great with a single-breasted jacket or pea coat for smartening it up”, He added, “However, it’s a bit too dressed up for more casual outfits like bombers or denim jackets generally. And never try it with vertical stripes.”

We can often see David Beckham carrying this Persian Scarf knot look.



“Twice Around” as the name suggest, drape the scarf over the neck with a long and a short end. Then wrap the long end around your neck twice and let it hang.

Twice Around scarf style is pretty much in for men’s fashion.

Well, the suggestion is for twice around use the longer scarf, say 70-75 inches. And leave it loose around the neck, don’t tighten it up much, this will give a carefree and cool look.

Now, you can wear it up with anything, you can buttoned up with blazer or can also go with casual wears that’s totally your call.



Now, came in the list is “Reverse Drape”. This is one of the most classic and cozy scarf knot option for men. Begin with a classic drape, making sure that both the end of your scarf is equal in length. Then, throw one end back over your opposite shoulder and repeat with the other end so that both are hanging neatly down your back.

Reverse drape are generally the relaxed style of knot. It mostly gives a weekend vibe. You can pair it up with jackets and over coats. Hence it covers the neck high up (almost to the face) therefore it looks awesome with smart casual wear.



Thinking about formal wear? And no idea which scarf style to be approached then go for

“Ivy-Leaguer “. Ivy-leaguer is a simplest form of scarf knot style. Drape it over the neck with equal end length and tucked it into a buttoned jacket or blazer.

Make sure that the scarf is not too long in size and does not extend below the bottom of the jacket or blazer. That make it look odd and clumsy.

Fashion sense are increasing and changing massively, year back which was considered not too cool are now coming back and making a style statement. So here’s some trivia for you. To make scarf look even cooler.


  • Covering your face with a scarf can be a great way to avoid the dust and dirt during the summer season. Moreover, it adds a classy look to the attire(use it in a triangular shape)
  • This many men are not aware of, using scarf not just as a neck accessory but also a head accessory. Men’s head scarf looks awesome with leather jacket, jeans and boots.

Freaking hot! Isn’t it?

These are some of the tips and tricks on “Scarf for men”.

Well, that’s it from our side today. Want to know more about fashion? Seeking for fashion designing as a career option? Glaamour School of Fashion & Interiors gives you the opportunity to step into a career of your dream. Pursue your passion for Fashion at GFI.